About Us

Tripex is the fastest growing travel service provider in India

Tripex is founded in February 2009 with intention of providing superior service to the travelers by making the complex travel domain simplified with unique and flexible booking solutions.

The Tripex team is committed to the following

It's hard to make things simple at the same time clear and most accurate, So we dedicated an experienced team responsible for understanding the needs and concerns of traveller and travel suppliers and provide them a common platform for maximum benefits for both.

We're keep on working closely with suppliers to add more hotels and cabs to our travel engine and also we will be keep on designing packages will help traveller minimize their travel expenses at the same time it gives the experience of more memorable trip.

Provide a superior experience for the travellers in planning their trip with unique and flexible flow

Tripex's Products:

Holiday Packages, Hotels, Cottages booking service

Car and Taxi Rentals


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