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Tripex's vision is to create a perfect solution for hospitality industry and bridge the gap between traveler and travel service providers, which addresses all the aspects not just creating another traditional booking engine.

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Any perfectly designed online website make only 5% to 10% conversion of their total website visitors.

increases booking
increase booing through tripex booking engine

Our focus is to develop tools to help hotelier to improve their business by addressing all facts and possibilities to improve the hotel revenue not just providing online payment solution.

  1. Booking Engine with basic functionality
  2. Number Of Visits Per Page
  1. Booking Engine
  2. Analytics
  3. Trip Planning Trends
  4. Handling Dropouts
  5. Ad & Source Tracking
  6. Sale Booster
  7. Real Time Interaction
  8. Demand based tariff adjustment
  9. Dynamically driven tariffs

No worth of having online booking solution without the having measurable visitors to your site. Tripex tools helps you to increase the visitors to your site.

No Solutions, Even no thoughts.
Most of the tripex marketing tools were designed mainly focusing on increasing the visitors intern increase conversions.
  1. Web Partners
  2. Sale Booster
  3. i-Marketer
  4. Automated SEO
  5. Cross Selling
  6. Trip advising & review tool

Conversion Centric Flow & Identity Management

Not upto the mark, You loose your identity / brand
100 % perfect integration through out the flow which increases the customer confidence.