Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tripex Hotel Direct?

Tripex not only provides booking engine which converts visitors to bookers and also provides tools "sales booster" and "iMarketer" to bring in new customers and bookings to your hotel. All these tools together called as "Hotel Direct"

How Tripex Booking Engine differs from others?

Yes it is completely different since tripex not only concentrating on booking engine, our main focus is on marketing tools and strategies to increase bookings and bringing in new customer.
100 % perfect UI integration. "zero" flaws in the entire flow.
No way the user will go out of your site in any ways and means.
Our advanced tools sale booster and iMarketer is unique in the market.
Improved solution in all parts from tariff, availability, addon, inclusion, etc., The solution covers all your needs. We can proudly say there is no limitations.

Booking Engine