Hotel Booking Engine Features

Booking Engine

Advanced Booking Engine

Direct Bookings, No Commission
Same look and feel of your website through entire booking flow
Hot promotions with several parameters
Highly customizable addons
Dynamic Tariffs
responsive booking engine

Responsive Design

Our pages are designed to respond all kinds of devices - mobiles, tabs, laptops and desktop.
payment solutions for hotels

Payment Gateway

Secure and perfect payment solutions supporting several payment methods.
1. Hotelier merchant account
The payment will directly credited to hotelier's bank account from payment gateway.
2. Tripex merchant account
The payment will be transfered by Tripex.

New Innovative Features you never find in any other 'traditional booking engine'

Booking engine news user tracks and analytics report

Data Analytics

Provide you the in-site into your website user activity and which are the places the customers were dropping out. Tracks marketing campaigns performance. These data could be correlated with trip planning trends, which helps you in taking right decision on scheduling the marketing campaign.
Booking engine news booking engine with user tracking


Tracking the ads, forums, blog and facebook links an web partners and provide you conversion data which helps you in taking decision on marketing strategies.
Booking engine news Booking engine trends

Trip Planing Trends

Provides you the details of traveler's trip planning trends ratio.
Booking engine news increase your revenue with tripex booking engine

Sale Booster

Tripex sale booster is a sales centric tools with unique marketing strategies which brings new customers to your website and increases direct bookings
Booking engine news unique marketing solutions for hotel direct booking


Tripex iMarketer helps you to improve guest relation and create marketing campaigns for specific events or long weekends with discounts for existing customers to boost your sale.
Booking engine news booking engine in single page application

Single Page Application

Real single page application which is faster in page transition by reducing round trips to the server intern provides awesome user experience
Booking engine news booking engine increases staff performance

Resource Utilization & Performance Monitoring

Our tools helps you to utilize staff to improve your hotel brand online when they are idle / free without any assigned regular work. tracks their performance for bonus calculations and retain quality staff.
Booking engine news Automated search engine optimization technique branding and increase your visibility


Tripex automated SEO tools improves your website ranking and your online brand to an extend without spending for highly cost SEO work.
Booking engine news Booking engine helps you to take good business decisions with metirialized user data

Business Decision

Tripex analytics, tracking, trends and dynamic tariff modules helps you to take critical and successful business decision on right time.
Booking engine news Booking engine with dropout handling

Handling Dropouts

Our well design booking engine flow helps you to handle dropouts though-out the booking flow. An automated deal / promotion SMS will be send to the selective visitors and the remaining visitors mobile numbers will be sent to the hotelier for followup.
Booking engine news Booking engine with realtime user interaction chat tool

Real Time Interaction

Our chat application integration connects you to the customer in real time where in you can convince the customer and increase the direct booking.