I-Marketer - Marketing Campaign Management


Marketing is heart of any business, do it in a professional way.
I-Marketer helps you in materialize your marketing effort and tracks each campaigns performance with help of our data analytical tools and helps you in save marketing cost.

How I-Marketer Helps Me In Strategical Online Marketing

Increase Repeating Customer

Improve your existing customer relationship and increase repeating customers.

Create and conduct email / SMS campaigns with the email and mobile list that is automatically stored in our tripex database.
Improve your relationship with your existing customers.

Marketing & Scheduling

Scheduling plays a major roll in it's success. The marketing efforts which you put in should reach the targeted audience in right time to get the higher outcome.
Marketing campaign scheduling is very critical part of marketing.
The collaboration I-Marketer and our data analytics will help you to schedule your marketing campaigns on correct time to reach the targeted audience on right time and get higher conversion.

Are you looking for professional online marketing solution. We want to help you.

I Marketer Hotel marketing solution